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Emergencies are unpredictable which is why we want to spread ways on how we can keep people ready and informed in case of calamities and/or disasters, especially when it comes to aiding the physically disabled.



Our goal us to give people easier access to tips and information about disaster preparedness, as well as guides that can aid persons with physical disabilities. Included in this goal is creating a platform where people can share their own tips and knowledge regarding safety and readiness.



We are Multimedia arts students who want to provide awareness and how important inclusivity is in disaster preparedness


Disaster preparedness is vital in the safety of the community, and it is important every citizen has the knowledge and resources needed in the event of an emergency. The sector of PWDs shouldn’t be left out especially in disasters and emergencies just because it’s “inconvenient” for others, and should have equal priority as the rest, given that they are more vulnerable.

People with physical disabilities usually can’t help themselves in these types of situations because there isn’t enough effort in society to teach them how to because they aren’t affected by it or aren’t entirely aware of the needs these people have. Special needs aren’t limited to physical disabilities. Some paralytics would have spiking blood pressures, body temperatures and blood clots in certain parts of their body among other things. Blind and deaf people won’t see and/or hear warnings and announcements in the event of a disaster unless they’re accompanied by someone. 

There aren’t any specific signs or measures meant to help them evacuate in the occurrence that they would be alone, such as strobe lights for the deaf, and a specific structure or even so much as a protruding line that blind people could follow. It’s always up to their family members or themselves to handle these sorts of situations, as others wouldn’t know what to do.